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Technical Prepress

In addition to our General Services, clients whose books are technical in nature will probably require one or more of the following technical prepress services:

  1. Technical Editing. Text intended for those in a specialized field or trade is considered technical. In addition to general editing skills, it requires a familiarity with the concepts and the vocabulary of the field to edit it properly. Our editors are experienced in editing technical text in the fields of business, finance, insurance, law, medicine, FDA regulated industries, healthcare and biological sciences, and most academic subjects. Beyond these fields, we partner with qualified editors in the respective discipline.

Technical Rates. We edit technical text at a rate of $0.03 -$0.05 per word, depending on the complexity and nature of the text and the error rate per page, subject to the same minimum.

Rewriting \ Scanning. For commercial and technical clients, we offer rewriting and scanning services that require broad editorial judgment, such as: structural changes, updating of information, re-formatting, re-organization and \or revision of an existing publication.

Rewriting. We can rewrite text for clients, if desired. For manuscripts replete with grammatical errors or in need of major editorial changes, rewriting is the most practical solution. We also rewrite existing publications for clients who want them updated with new material or extensively revised to improve organization, clarity, and presentation. We can also add a table of contents or index, if desired. Although rewriting is more expensive than editing, the absolute cost may be comparatively small, depending on the scope and extent of the revisions.

Limitations: We do not offer ghostwriting services; provide original research; verify the accuracy of facts, footnotes, statistics, proofs, equations, or formulas; or determine the validity of any representation, fact, or conclusion. Our rewriting or revision services are solely editorial, based on information provided by the client.

Scanning. Optical scanning of text enables us to offer a range of exciting new services:

  • Using optical scanning technology, we can scan key papers and documents (correspondence, legal records, reports, studies, etc.) and turn the scanned copies into bound volumes for sharing and easy reference.
  • We can scan the pages of old bound books (without taking them apart or damaging the pages) and rebind the scanned copies, making old text new again.
  • We can scan parts of different books or loose documents, then reorganize the digital copies into a new book to serve a different purpose than the original.
  • We can even add a new table of contents or index to a scanned book, if you wish.

Cost. Rewriting requires a high level of writing proficiency and is labor intensive. Therefore, the cost of rewriting a book is higher than for editing one of equal length. Scanning itself is inexpensive, but editing costs may be incurred if the scanned copies must be revised, reorganized, or re-formatted before being bound. Each rewriting or scanning project is unique and must be priced individually, after review of the manuscript or book.

2.Technical Formatting. Commercial and technical publications often require more complex formatting than general publications, especially if there is an extensive use of graphics.

Client Formatting. We encourage clients to submit commercial and\or technical manuscripts in print-ready pdf format, with all fonts embedded. Clients who are unable to format the book themselves, but wish to be intimately involved in formatting decisions, are encouraged to hire a graphic designer locally to perform the formatting for them.

Note:   Devon disclaims any responsibility for errors or incompatibility with the printer’s software based on or arising out of any formatting operations not performed by Devon.

Devon Formatting. If you prefer, Devon can format your commercial or technical manuscript to your specifications, using the text and\or graphics you provide. Manuscripts to be formatted must be in MS Word or WordPerfect and must not be converted to pdf.

Note: Your manuscript should be fully edited, by you or Devon, prior to formatting.

Graphic Design. If your commercial or technical publication will not be submitted in print-ready pdf format or if it requires complex text layout or cover design services, we will subcontract the work to prequalified designers who specialize in such layouts and effects, and then monitor the quality of the work on your behalf.

Graphic design services will be needed for your manuscript if it is not submitted in print-ready pdf format and the pages are to be printed in columns; the text and graphics will be intermixed (on the same page); photographs or other graphics comprise more than 10% of the book; or the cover or internal graphics require photo manipulation effects.

Our graphic designers will be guided by your instructions and\or examples. In most cases, multiple proofs will be needed to achieve the precise look you want.