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Manuscripts must be submitted in digital form on a flash drive, composed in a standard word processing software. The technical requirements for submitting manuscripts (text and graphics) appear below. All submissions must be accompanied by an Order Form showing our assigned tracking number for the project. Contact us first to receive a tracking number for your book. We accept no responsibility for manuscripts submitted without a tracking number.

Technical Requirements for Unformatted Text:

Unformatted manuscripts to be edited, formatted, or printed should be submitted in MSWord or Corel’s WordPerfect software, saved to a flash drive, and mailed to Devon via UPS or US Mail. The manuscript must not be converted to pdf format, since we need to manipulate the text to edit and format it.

Technical Requirements for Formatted Text

Formatted manuscripts to be edited and\or printed must be submitted in pdf format with all fonts embedded and mailed to Devon as described above. Formatted manuscripts will be edited by comment only (without revision of the original). You must make any editing changes desired. Formatted manuscripts submitted for printing only will be printed as received, and you assume responsibility for any errors in the text as formatted and for any incompatibility with the printing software.

Requirements for Graphics

Photographs, illustrations, charts, and other graphics must be submitted as a separate file in a standard digital format. For economy, photographs are usually printed as glossy pages and inserted as a separate section in the middle of the book.
NOTE: If more than 10% of your book is comprised of color photographs (an art book, for example) or if the text and graphics are intermingled, you should consider offset printing, which affords finer print quality (desirable in reproducing graphics) and accommodates a larger page size than digital printing. Offset printing does cost more than digital printing and a surcharge may apply for runs of less than 1000 copies.