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Our writer-editors are experts in general and technical editing, writing, and printing, plus they have practical experience in business, a technical field, book printing, and/or one of the professions. In combining commercial experience with editorial talent, our editors are prepared to turn any commercial or personal manuscript into the book you envision – a winning reason to entrust the editing and printing of your book to Devon.

Our Founder. Our editor-in-chief, G. K. Nedrow, founded Devon to provide the full range of services needed – editing, formatting, printing, and binding – to turn a manuscript into a finished book at a reasonable price.   His background illustrates our emphasis on versatility. He has three degrees: a B.A. in English and pre-Med, an M.A. in Literature, and a J.D. He served for many years as a staff attorney in several Fortune 500 companies (such as the Kellogg Company, the Hartford Insurance Group (ITT), and Rorer Pharmaceuticals).

Ultimately, he became an officer or shareholder in several medical device manufacturers. His legal articles on First Amendment liberties and the application of the antitrust laws to the business of insurance have been anthologized and cited in relevant court cases and academic literature. He has written several books, fiction and non-fiction.