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Printing / Binding

The  majority of our books are printed digitally and perfectbound, but we also offer offset printing for books with fine detail or color photographs.  With our wide range of fonts, graphics, inks, papers, and soft or hard bindings, we are equipped to print almost any book.

Printing and binding are the final steps in the process of producing a book or other bound volume. When you are satisfied with the edited and formatted text, your manuscript will be ready for printing. We offer a wide range of printing options, as discussed below:

Digital v. Offset Printing: Digital printing is ideal for short production runs (less than 1000 copies). Most of our publications are printed digitally, which is economical and suitable for most purposes. For runs greater than 1000 copies or when fine photographic detail is vital, we offer offset printing. Offset printing of less than 1000 copies may incur a surcharge to compensate for production inefficiencies. Offset printing of less than 500 copies is not economical.

Paper Choice: We print digitally, in black and white or in color, on 50# paper, flat or coated (glossy). For a small added charge, we offer 60# paper. Both weights of flat paper are available in white as standard and in eggshell for a small added charge. Eggshell colored paper is a little softer for reading and often used in books or lengthy publications to reduce glare for the reader. Glossy paper is preferred when printing color photographs and color graphics.

Printer Selection: Commercial printers are not all alike, nor are they equally proficient in all types of printing. Different types of printing require different equipment, and printers tend to specialize. For those reasons, we use an network of prequalified printers across the United States and manage the printing process on your behalf. This enables us to match your project with the most suitable printer available, consistent with your specifications and budget. Since we own no presses and have no financial interest in any printer, our judgment in choosing a printer on your behalf is unbiased, guided only by your preferences and budget.

Proofs: Before a book is put into production, a proof is run on a small printer for your examination and approval. At this stage, any remaining errors are caught and last revisions are made. If the work is complex or if many revisions are required, extra proofs may be ordered, at your expense, until the text is corrected to your satisfaction. Each extra proofs cost $50 each.

Production Run / Extras: Upon receiving your written approval of the final proof, the book as revised will be printed in the number of copies you requested. In every production run, there are a few “extra” books printed to test the settings of the presses before making the full production run. You will be billed for the cost of any extras of good, merchantable quality, not to exceed six per run.   You will not be charged for spoiled or defective extras.

Bindings: The inner pages of a book are printed sequentially in a “text block.” The text block must be bound in either a soft or hard cover to protect it. We offer both.

Softbound:  Our binding options for softbound publications are: saddle-stitched, stapled, comb, 3-ring, and perfect (paperback) binding. All are affordable. The majority of our publications are perfectbound; it is economical and suitable for most publications. Only perfectbound books have a paper spine suitable for printing, although a printed title can be inserted under the plastic cover of some 3-ring notebooks.

Hardbound: We offer all hardbound options (buckram, library cloth, imitation leather, and genuine leather). Academic dissertations and other publications printed on standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper may be bound in less costly hardboards (a durable cover composed of a fabric or polymer over a cardboard core). Hard bindings use more expensive materials than soft bindings. In short-run production, the binding must be done by hand. The cost varies widely, depending on the materials used and the size and number of the books. Nevertheless, for books of lasting value, the cost of hard binding may be more than justified.

Printing Rates and Quotes: Due to the many available options, we price printing by project, based on the nature, complexity, and length of the publication, and the services requested. We have no flat rates. We will be happy to give you a firm quote on your project after reviewing your manuscript.

Note: As a general guide, in short production runs (below 5,000 copies), printing and binding costs per copy fall as volume increases, whereas editing and formatting costs are fixed charges unrelated to the number of copies printed. Although total printing costs increase with the number of pages and number of copies printed, the cost per copy decreases steadily as the number of printed copies increases. In sum, the larger the production run, the lower the cost per copy of your book.