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Prepress Services

General Pre-press

Your book qualifies for general pre-press services if none of the commercial attributes below apply. If your book is not intended for commercial purposes or a technical audience, our general pre-press services are probably right for your book.

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Non-book Text

We also provide general editing services for text not intended to be made into a book, such as academic articles, professional monographs, magazine articles, speeches, PR releases, and the like. The same terms, rates, and minimum apply.


Your book requires technical pre-press services if:

  • it is for the use of a business, governmental entity, non-profit organization, professional group, or a technically-trained audience; or
  • the text requires technical editing, reorganization or revision, scanning, or graphic design services (photo manipulation or design effects for text or cover); or
  • the book is mostly graphics (e.g., a photo book), text intermingled with graphics, or text printed in columns, unless the manuscript is submitted in print-ready pdf format.

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