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Our order form details your key printing options.  Our editors will take you through the options, if you wish.  However, if you wish to prepare the form yourself, here are a few helpful tips regarding your submission and the Order Form:

Title Page \ Publisher’s Page

All manuscripts must include a title page with the name of the author, editor, compiler, or originating source.  The publisher’s page contains all copyright and legal notices desired, and the publisher’s name and address.   Self-published commercial publications generally show the company that commissioned the work as the publisher and copyright holder.  Your ISBN, if any, must be included on this page.  NOTE: Devon is an editing and printing service.  Do not list Devon as the editor or publisher of your book.

Tracking Number

After discussing your manuscript with you (to ensure our services are suitable for your book) and accepting it, we will assign a tracking number to your book, which must accompany your submission.  Manuscripts submitted without a tracking number may be misplaced, lost, or incur delays in printing.  We assume no responsibility for materials submitted without a tracking number.


We offer all commercially available forms of binding: softbound (perfectbound, stapled, saddle-stitched, comb, and 3-ring notebook) and hardbound (cloth or leather).  The least costly hard binding is several times more expensive than any soft binding.

Trim Size

Trim size refers to the exterior dimensions of your book.  Standard sizes in inches are: 4.5 x 6, 5 x 7 and 7 x 9.  We offer other trim sizes as custom runs.  Some works, such as academic dissertations, are printed in full 8.5 x 11 inch sheets and bound as such, thus requiring no page formatting or trim.  Business manuals and training notebooks are often printed on 8.5 x 11 inch sheets and bound in 3-ring binders; these also require no special formatting or trim.


If you format your own book,  allow at least a 1.25″ side margin at the binding and a minimum of 0.75″ on the other three sides of the text for headers and page numbers.

Software Used:

Most books are composed in MS Word or Corel’s Wordperfect.  Brochures with complex layouts are often formatted in Adobe in Design or Adobe Illustrator, or an equivalent.  You must indicate the software used in composing your text and cover, as applicable.  Our printers can handle most popular compositional software.


Only books intended for retail sale require an ISBN (International Standard Book Number), available from R.R. Bowker, LLC (Bowker.com), the official U.S. agent.  Bar codes allow retailers to scan the title for inventory control and are only needed if your book is intended for retail sale.  We do not create bar codes or provide ISBNs.


If used, the ISBN should appear on the publisher’s page.  The bar code, if used, is typically printed on the spine or on the back of the book; the bar code must accompany your text for the cover in your submission.  We do not create bar codes.


Print production time for any book is usually 3 – 4 weeks from the time you approve the final galley.  Production schedules are subject to seasonal fluctuations beyond our control, however.  It pays to plan ahead.   When your project is accepted, you will be given an estimated delivery date, to be revised as the work advances.

Priority or Rush Orders

For fairness, we handle each editing and\or printing project in the order received.  We do not accept priority or rush orders.


You will receive one free proof of your book for approval.  If you need to make extensive changes, you may wish to order one or more additional proofs, at a cost of $50 each.  Upon receipt of your signed acceptance of the final proof, we will perform the final production run in the number of copies you ordered.

Tracking Number.  We prefer to discuss all book printing projects with you before submission to determine that our services are right for you and to discuss printing options.  After we agree on the services to be performed, we will assign your book a tracking number, which must be referenced in all correspondence (via mail or e-mail).  We disclaim any responsibility for loss, misplacement, or delays in printing caused by or arising out of the submission of any manuscript or media without a tracking number.

Subcontractors.  You acknowledge that some services may be provided by qualified Devon subcontractors.

Legal Status.  Devon Book Printing is an operating division of Devon Home, LLC of Virginia.