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General PrePress

Our general prepress services include basic editing and formatting. Prepress services ensure that the text of your book presents your ideas clearly, correctly, and attractively. Unlike unbound literature, a book is meant to last. Good or bad, you will live with the result for years.

Devon offers all of the general prepress services needed to prepare your book for printing. These services are vital to the success of any publication. No matter how beautifully printed a book may be, it is ultimately the content that counts. Our prepress services are described below

General Editing

Prose intended to be read by the public is considered general text, the language of newspapers, magazines, and popular books. Standard prose is the province of general editing. To edit it requires a solid foundation in English grammar, usage and syntax.

Levels of Editing: We offer three levels of general editing:

Proofreading. The least expensive level of editing is proofreading. Proofreaders focus on catching technical errors in usage (grammar, punctuation, spelling, word choice, and syntax). This level of editing is appropriate for manuscripts that are in near print-ready form, with relatively few compositional errors.

Editing with Comments: Full editing includes the elements of proofreading, plus notes on any flaws in overall organization, logic, coherence, internal consistency, phrasing, and general exposition. Our editorial comments for each page are provided on a separate sheet, line by line, for clarity of reference. Most clients choose this option.

Editing with Revisions: Some writers prefer that we not only identify editorial errors, but make the changes recommended, to save them the time of revision. This is a little more expensive than editing with comments, but it ensures that our comments are properly construed, and often saves time, effort, and money in the end.

Non-book Text: We also offer general editing services for text not intended to be made into a book, such as academic articles, essays, professional monographs, magazine articles, speeches, PR releases, and the like. The same terms, rates, and minimum apply.

General Editing Rates

Proofreading Rates: We proofread at a rate of $0.015 to $0.025 per word, for text with no more than two grammatical or usage errors per page. Text with a greater error rate must be edited and does not qualify for proofreading rates,

Editing Rates: General editing rates vary between $0.02 and $0.035 per word, depending on the error rate per page of the manuscript submitted. The cleaner the copy, the lower the rate. Editing with revisions is at the top end of this range.

Minimum Rate: A $150 minimum applies to all editing projects, regardless of length.

General Formatting

The way printed text looks on the page – general layout, pagination, fonts, margins, headers, titles, white space, and over all page size – is the province of formatting. The challenge lies in fitting manuscript text to book size artfully. Our general formatting services apply to books that are comprised largely of text.

Text Layout Design

Text may be formatted in one of three ways:

Client Formatting: We encourage authors to format their own text. Formatting often requires a measure of authorial judgment in rewording or rearranging text to make logical page breaks and smooth transitions between parts of a publication. Those decisions are best made by the writer personally, if at all possible.

Third-party Formatting: If you are not proficient in formatting text, but you want to be involved in the formatting decisions as they are made, you may want to retain a local graphic designer to do the formatting for you. Though more expensive, this option will give you a measure of control over the formatting process.

Devon Formatting: We provide professional formatting services for clients who are not proficient in using composition software. We base our formatting on the client’s description or example of the style, general layout, and fonts preferred and the general effect to be achieved. We subcontract the formatting of complex layouts to prequalified graphic designers, as described under Technical Editing.

Design. Cover Design – Front, Spine, and Back

The covers of general publications usually consist of the title and an optional photograph or illustration. Using your text and graphics, we can compose a simple cover for the front, spine, and back. We recommend that you provide a rough layout and verbal description for all three to give us a general idea of the design you would like.

Note: Publications with saddle-stitched, stapled, or comb bindings have no spine on which to print. No spine text or layout is needed or possible for them.

Formatting Rates: Formatting rates vary with the length, nature, and complexity of the text or design. A $200 minimum applies to all formatting projects, regardless of length.