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Business Terms


All book printing projects are based on estimated costs, which may be adjusted or amended for services added or deleted prior to delivery of the finished publication.

  • For your protection, we accept payment for services by bank or personal check only, mailed to our post office box. To protect our clients against hacking and identity theft, we do not collect financial data on clients or accept electronic (credit or debit card) payments.  This payment method will not delay work on your order, since your manuscript (on flash drive) and the completed Order Form must be mailed to us anyway.
  • Sixty percent (60%) of the quoted cost is payable in advance, with the balance due and owing (adjusted for any added services) when the bound copies are ready to ship. We will adjust the final balance for the cost of extra proofs, if any, or any subsequently added or deleted services.


We routinely consult with authors in advance on the planning and organization of major print projects.  It is often useful to discuss the various editing and printing options before significant work begins.  We do not charge for consulting on a project.  A little foresight may save considerable time, effort, and money.

Legal Liability

You are legally responsible for the content of your book, including any and all representations or statements made and any errors contained in it, whether or not the book is published or made publicly available. You shall defend and hold Devon harmless from and against (a) any and all claims or lawsuits seeking damages, including indirect or consequential losses, based on or arising out of your book or its contents (including, without limitation, libel and copyright infringement claims), without regard to the merits thereof, and (b) any and all claims for injury or loss due to operations not performed by Devon.  Our financial liability to you, in any event, shall not exceed the amount actually paid for Devon services.  While we accept formatted manuscripts for editing and printing, Devon disclaims any responsibility for design or formatting errors or incompatibility with the printing software due to operations not performed by Devon or a Devon subcontractor.

Legal Notice

Devon Book Printing is an operating division of Devon Home, LLC of Virginia.  In requesting our services, you acknowledge that some of our services may be performed by prequalified subcontractors and monitored for quality by Devon on your behalf.

Non-returnable \ Non-refundable

The books you order are custom made goods.  They are not returnable and the purchase price is not refundable for any reason other than for defects in printing that vary from the final proof.  You remain ultimately responsible for any errors that remain in the book as printed, as signified by your approval of the final proofs for text and cover.

Delivery Method

You are responsible for the cost of delivery.  Our standard quote includes delivery of your completed order via UPS ground at standard UPS rates and on the prevailing UPS terms for the service.  You may request more expedited delivery at your expense.   Delivery will be made to your ground-level dock or door in sturdy cardboard cartons that weigh about 40 pounds each.  You or your representative must be present to sign for and receive the order upon receipt; otherwise, you may incur the cost of a second delivery run.

Reservation of Acceptance

We are a small, specialized editing and printing service, with limited staff.  Our technical expertise, production schedule, and internal organization can accommodate most projects, but not every conceivable one.  Therefore, we reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to decline to edit, format, or print any manuscript for any reason sufficient to Devon.  However, if we refuse your manuscript, we will refer you to another editing or printing service, if one is known to us, that may be more suitable for your publication.

Final Proof and Authorization

While Devon strives to remove all technical errors from your book and will make any changes or corrections you deem necessary, we do not and cannot guarantee perfection.  You remain ultimately responsible for reviewing the final proof and authorizing production of your book in the form you approve.  By your approval of the final proof and your authorization of the production run of the copies you ordered, you accept full responsibility for any errors in editing, formatting, printing, or binding that may remain.  Devon bears responsibility only for mechanical errors in the production copies that materially differ from the final proof.