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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Choose Devon?

There are several good reasons to choose Devon to edit and print your book.

First, we specialize in editing and printing books, meaning bound publications of every size and length.  We don’t print catalogs, wedding invitations, sales flyers, and other loose commercial literature as many of our competitors do.  Books are not a side line with us.

Second, we offer in one place all of the services needed to turn a manuscript into a polished book – general or technical editing, formatting, printing, and binding.  We place a heavy emphasis on our prepress services, because the quality of a book’s content is ultimately the reason for printing it in the first place.  No matter how beautifully a book is printed and bound, it is the content that matters most.  A showy cover cannot save a book that is badly written and edited.

Third, our editors are writers themselves.  We understand the turmoil and confusion caused by dealing with the myriad technical details of getting a book edited, formatted, printed, and bound.  Our purpose at Devon is to relieve authors of those technical hassles, so they can focus on the weightier mission of writing as well as they can.

How does Devon differ from other book printers?

Devon does more than provide a technical service.  We are your partner in printing.

We know that one size does not fit all in book printing.  The needs of each author vary widely.  Consequently, we do not offer ready-made, cookie-cutter book packages.  Instead, we tailor our editing, formatting, and printing services to the needs of each author, whether amateur or professional.

And we allow our writers great latitude in constructing the book they want, from trim size and fonts to paper and ink and bindings.  Most of our competitors offer only standard printing options – take it or leave it – and do not edit or format.  We offer the full range of prepress and printing services.

More important, ours is a custom service.  We consult with each author before we accept a print project.  Then, we collaborate with the author at each step of the process.  Our competitors focus on sales volume; they process books. We focus on producing quality publications that preserve and communicate the author’s ideas, concepts, methods, experiences, and aspirations.  To that end, we build personal relationships with our authors.  Our mission is not merely to edit and print books, but to facilitate your vision.

Can I really print just one copy?

We specialize in short run productions and have no minimum quantities.  You can, indeed, print only one copy, if you wish.  Naturally, there is a catch.  Several, in fact.

Not all kinds of printing are available at very low quantities.  Moreover, if just one copy of a book is obliged to bear all of the costs of prepress and printing, that one book will be pricey.  But if you want only one copy, we can do it.  And if you’re willing to be a little creative, we can even make that one copy more affordable than you might imagine.  Nevertheless, the unit cost of printing 200 books will always be cheaper than printing just one or a few books.

On the other hand, why should you have to buy 50, 100 or 200 copies of a book when you only need twenty?  Commercial printers set their minimums high because they need large volumes to run their presses efficiently and profitably.  They cater to customers with large production runs.

But self-published authors and small businesses often need smaller production runs.  That’s where Devon comes in.  We specialize in short-run printing, using a network of prequalified printers all over the nation.  Some of them still use small presses and offer hand binding.  By using a network of printers, large and small, we can match your project with the right printer at a fair price, whether you want one copy or thousands.

Why do you offer so many different bindings?

Different books have different uses, and they come in different lengths and sizes.  There are bindings to match every conceivable use and need.

Generally speaking, saddle-stitching and stapling are preferred binding methods for smaller books, up to thirty pages or so.  A thin book of recipes or poems for example.

Large training manuals and educational materials are, for reasons of economy, held together with a comb binding or a 3-ring binder.  When page replacement is a key consideration, a 3-ring binder is the only way to go, regardless of the number of pages.

Perfectbinding is typically used for books larger than 30 pages that must be bound permanently.  A novel, an employee handbook, or a patient guide are apt examples.  Perfectbinding is ideal for most bound publications that must be durable, but do not justify the cost of a hard binding.

If a book is of lasting value or if durability is a critical issue, then a hard binding of some kind is preferred, even if it costs more, often much more, than a soft binding.

In brief, there is a binding for every application and budget.  We offer them all.

Can you print our company logo on the cover of our book or manual?

We can add your company name and logo to any of the covers we offer, including hard covers.  Simply include a digitized version of the name and logo with your order, exactly as you wish them to appear on the cover.

We are ordering 2,000 training manuals to be used in five different corporate locations. Can you ship portions of the order to all five locations?

Certainly.  Tell us the number of copies desired for each location, and we’ll take care of it.  Of course, you will be charged for the actual cost of shipping to each location.  The cost to ship books to multiple locations is always higher than the cost to ship the same quantity to one location.

Why don’t you print all marketing literature?

We can and do print marketing literature that is comprised largely of text.  Our expertise is in facilitating the communication of relatively complex ideas.  Therefore, we edit, format, print, and bind books and other publications that are comprised largely of text and permanently bound.  While we can produce books in thousands of copies, we specialize in short-run book printing (runs of 5,000 copies or less).

We provide in one place all of the services needed to turn a manuscript into a finished book.  Few others do what we do. Consequently, we have made the editing and printing of short-run bound publications, personal and commercial, our niche in the industry.

Unbound marketing pieces, such as sales sheets, bifolds, and handouts, are comprised primarily of graphics.  They have little text to edit, and the ideas communicated by them are fairly simple.  Anyone can edit them, and once they are formatted, any competent print shop can print them.  Since our expertise adds little value to unbound marketing literature, we prefer to leave those projects to general printers.